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My favorite question is "What does that mean to you?"  
Frankly, I'm curious.  

Individual and Couple Psychotherapy

My style is very interactive.  One of the things my clients often comment on is that I communicate with them more openly than they have experienced with other counselors.  The truth is, I am interested.  You have a story to tell and I want to hear it. Not only will I listen intently to what you have to say, I will ask questions and make comments that will help you make sense out of it.  I have found this informal exchange can have powerful healing effects.

On a more formal note, I have an eclectic approach when working with my clients.  Basically, this means that I have been trained in a number of therapeutic modalities (marital and family work, hypnotherapy, dream work, long term intensive and short-term/focused psychotherapy) and draw on a variety of psychological traditions (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and interpersonal).  In turn, my training and experience allow me to be flexible in utilizing the approach that is best for you.

Additionally, I am happy to work with your primary care physician (or refer you to the appropriate professional) to coordinate medications or other issues related to your care.

In addition to self-pay, I work with a selected number of insurance companies.
​At this time they include:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield
United Health Care